Maltese puppies 2 days old. Maltese puppies are born with their ears and eyes closed. They on average are about 4 ounces. That is the size of these puppies pictured. The puppies cannot regulate their body temperature yet and must be kept very warm.

1 week old

Maltese puppies one week old. The puppies still have their eyes and ears closed but are starting to get the black pigmentation on the nose and mouth. They now have their shiver reflexes but still must be kept quite warm approximately 85 degrees.

2 weeks old

Maltese 2 weeks old. At approximately 12 days of age the puppies eyes start to open very slowly. The ears will also open in the next few days. Pigment is filling in even more and they get around a little faster to find mom to nurse.

3 weeks old

Maltese puppies at three weeks old are now starting to be able to hear, and to see much clearer. They start to play with one another and get up and around. They are now starting to crawl out and escape their little whelping box they have been snuggling in with their mom the past weeks since birth, they want out to follow the mom over to her food dish and water.

4 weeks old

At four weeks old pictured above the maltese puppies can hear well now and are becoming the little "aristracrat" that the Maltese breed is known for. They get excited to see us, and recognize voices. They roll around and play with one another and their mom, sometimes they let out little barks. Their ears are starting to fold over and lay flat and their pigment is getting darker every day. When they walk they are still a little wobbly but they are more stable everyday! They start to go over to their moms food and lick it, and occasionally will drink a little water. Their tails are straight up in the air not over their backs just yet, but soon will be. They start to get those cute little tuffs of hair and the sides of their face and are now starting to cut their tiny sharp canine teeth.

5 weeks old

The puppies are now 5 weeks old pictured above. The puppies are rolling around playing and running, they have their tails straight up and get so excited at familiar faces. The puppies hair is really starting to fill in and they have much more awake time now.

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