7 weeks old

The puppies are now ready to be on their own and mom is exhausted from nursing and caring for them. They eat regular dog kibble (Life's Abundance) now and they play allot. They try to play with us humans if they can, our feet and our hands. They are becoming little individuals and their dispositions become more and more apparent everyday.

9 weeks old

These puppies weight approximately 1 1/2 pounds now and are eating several times a day regular dog food, Life's Abundance. They are playing all the time and jump up and down when I enter the room, they want to play and get loving all the time. Their back molars are still erupting so I soften their food with warm water so it is easier for them to eat. They have their first set of shots now, as it has been two weeks since they were weaned from their mom.

10 weeks old

The puppies are now getting groomed by having their feet trimmed, nails trimmed, and faces combed and washed. I also start to stack them on the grooming table and also check their bites to make them fearless when they have someone check their bite or touch their face. Maltese allot of times don't like to have their feet trimmed or face touched so it is important to do these things when they are young. I try to keep the hair out of their eyes which contributed to tear staining when it pokes in their eyes.

14 weeks old

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