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Supplies for a Maltese Puppy
Buying a Maltese puppy is embarking on average a 13 year commitment.  It is imperative to start the life out with your puppy correctly.  The first few days with your puppy will be exciting, but also can be overwhelming if you are not prepared.  Please enjoy this article I have written to help you prepare for your new arrival.


 You will need equipment for your little Maltese. Maltese grooming tools, Maltese potty training aides, and Maltese toys just to name a few things.

  • Crates - Long ago when dogs were wild animals they were den animals, they would dig a hole in the ground that they would stay in to be away from predators. Crates are equivalent to the den in today’s world.  We can use crates for a safe quiet place for the puppy to be, a safe place for the puppy to travel in the car, and if small enough in the cabin of the airplane.  There are two types of crates.
    • The first is a heavy cage wire crate.  They can be folded down for transport or packed away when you do not need it any longer for your puppy.  They come in different brands and sizes.  One kind is Midwest crates these also come in different sizes.  They have a divider that you can adjust to fit the space your puppy needs as it grows.  The puppy needs enough room to sit, stand up, turn around and lay down.  Wire crates are nice as they are more ventilated than plastic crates.
    • The second type of crate is a plastic crate brands that are often used are PetMate classic kennel or Doskocil crates you would need a size small.  These crates are made of heavy cage plastic and are often airline approved to carry your Maltese on the airplane in the cabin with you.  These crates can be bought at any pet retails store or at a local Wal-Mart or department store.
  • Bedding – When your puppy is at home with you, it will have lots of time getting love from you and following you around but Maltese puppies also need time away from the mainstream area of your home to rest, puppies grow so fast and need downtime.  You will need some bedding for your puppy.  If you got a crate for your puppy a crate pad will work very well in the crate for them to have a little cozy spot to rest.  Be sure to buy a crate pad that is made from silky fabric.
  • Leash and Collar - Leather and metal collars are not good for Maltese because of their long white hair. I think nylon collar works best or a harness that goes around the chest works well too.  The harness works well for buckling them in the car if they have a car seat they ride in.  The leash should be a lightweight material.
  • Bowl- Your little Maltese puppy will need a bowl.  The best type of bowl is a ceramic one, or stainless steel.  Some believe that plastic bowls may contribute to the red face staining often seen on the Maltese and other white breeds.  Some people prefer a water bottle instead of a water bowl with using bottles water or distilled water will help to keep the face dry to help with the staining that can occur from minerals in the water.
  • Puppy Food- I have tried many types of dog foods breeding and raising Maltese.  I have found that after watching the quality of the coat, face staining, energy level and palatability that I prefer a holistic natural dog food with no artificial preservatives.  I feed Life’s Abundance which is safe for all life stages.  The kibble is made fresh and shipped to your home and not stocked in stores to prevent the long time periods sitting on the shelf.  Sitting on the shelf can cause contamination of insects, rodents, and the food spoiling.  Visit Life's Abundance to order a puppy pak. The 8 pound bag works well for a Maltese the average Maltese will eat about ½ to ¾ cup of dry food a day.  If the kibble is too large then try putting warm water over the kibble to soften until the Maltese grows and gets adult teeth.
  • Brush-The best type of brush to use on a Maltese is a “pin brush” it has small wire bristles that go through the coat nicely and help to massage the skin.  Be careful not too brush to hard, and cause what is known as “brush burn” the reddening of the skin from over brushing.  Maltese have very sensitive thin skin. My favorite pin brush is made by Chris Christianson and the 20 MM oval type order at http://www.chrissystems.com/brushes.htm .
  • Comb- The best type of comb to use on the face and putting up the top knot  is a metal type of comb called a Greyhound comb. They come is different sizes, the best one for a maltese face is a 4 ½ inch and for the body you can use a full sized one.
  • Potty Pads- Sometimes people have to train their puppy to go indoors on a potty pad because they live in apartment or a high-rise in the city.  Other times people need to work and leave their puppy for long periods of time, a puppy simply cannot hold it that long and having potty pads down in a restricted area will help to train them where they are allowed to go you can gradually train them to hold it when they are more mature if you choose to do so.  I like to use potty pads that are for multiple use.  One company online I have purchased from is www.discountpads.com .  Another type of reusable puppy pad that washable and useable are the popular Pish Pads designed by a couple of professional Maltese show breeders. They come in a roll and can be cut to any length or width that suits your needs.
  • Toys- Maltese love to play and will need some toys of course.  I like the small soft toys that are small enough to fit in their tiny mouths. www.UpscalePup.com  has a nice selection of  puppy toys. Another good site is www.DogToys.com
  • Grooming : The shampoo I like to use as a whitening shampoo on the face and the feet to keep them nice and white one I like that is safe for puppies is made by Bio-Groom called Super White The regular shampoo I would recommend is made by Life's Abundance Revitalizing Shampoo they also offer a great Bath Fresh Mist for conditioning.
  • Ear Care -  Keeping a dogs ears clean and fresh is very important.  Maltese do grow hair in their ears that must be removed.  It can have ear powder applied and then use your fingers to luck the hair out. After plucking the hair out you need to clean the ears with a cleansing solution the one I would recommend is a all natural Ear Care Formula by Life's Abundance.  Be sure to dry the ears on the outside completely with a cotton ball or gauze and do not use q-tips in puppies ears.

Written By: Carrie – Majesty Maltese

Page last updated 08/09/2008

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